Well, damn. That is all, just damn. My internet has been out for almost a day and I was just able to connect through charters proxy. Thank god I still have cable. I know that Lisa has gone back to the dial up, but I just couldn’t stand doing that. So here I am, on my cable modem, with my 1.5Mbps connection again! Haha, I can not be stopped!

Only 3 Days and 14 hours Remaining!

Yes, I have opted to be the cheapest person in the world today by NOT buying Linux for my old computer, instead I am downloading Caldera Linux from an FTP server. I seriously doubt it will take that long. I bet it is just saying that because it is accessing a new directory, that always slows things down a whole lot. I am expecting this download to be done by tomorrow morning.

I have to fix my car tomorrow morning. I got my cylinder heads refinished the other day. It cost me $90. Muchos cheaper than what I thought I was going to have to pay ($180). It is times like these that I hate working. I have to work on the most notorious of days when it comes to football. Alabama vs Auburn. aka The Iron Bowl. They don’t play in Birmingham anymore, I wonder why they still call in the Iron Bowl?

I must have been right about the directory hunch. It is saying 2 Days and 16 hours Remaining now! Cool. I will have a new Linux Box in a couple of days.

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