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New Orleans (Day 1)

Leaving Montgomery around 2:30 in the afternoon on Monday, we headed towards New Orleans. The drive was much easier than I had expected, a little rain on the way, and then a lot once we hit the Louisiana border. Once we entered New Orleans there was a steady drizzle until 8:00.

Arriving in the Frech Quarter, I never realized how packed things were in this famous little district of the city. Two cars can barely fit in the street at the same time, regardless, parking is comodity on the right side of the street. For the first time in a while when out of town, we were able to find our destination without getting lost for hours. In fact, we didn’t get lost at all, and for that I am proud.

The Hotel has a balcony hanging over Rue Dauphine. We can see the rooftops of all the old buildings in the surrounding area. The best part is we are less than a block from Bourbon Street.

Getting hungry we decided to head out to get a bite to eat. After I rigged an internet connection from the room, we looked online for some places to eat. O’Flatery’s it is. Seemed like they had some good food, nice entertainment, and a pleasurable atmosphere. What made it great is it was on Toulouse Street and we didn’t have to make a single turn to get there, because getting lost on the first night would be a pain.

Walking down Toulouse Street and passing Bourbon street, the city is definately crazy, at night it has the aroma of all of the local resturants, and bistros. We arrived at O’Flatery’s and quickly found out, THIS WAS NOT A PLACE TO EAT. I then looked at Erika and said we should probably find something else. We just started to walk down Toulouse in hopes of finding something we could both afford and enjoy at the same time.

Reaching the end of Toulouse I see what looks like a cafe. We approched it, and decided to walk in, turned out to be the perfect place to go. Cafe Maspero. Cheap, good food, and beer. My Stomach was thanking me already, and I haven’t even eaten a bite yet.

After our little night time excursion through the French Quarter, or should I say, Toulouse Street, we started to head back to the hotel, and then decided maybe we should cruise bourbon street. We didn’t stop anywhere on Bourbon street, but just walked from one end to the other and back. Coming back to the hotel early to get some sleep for a busy day tomorrow.


Busy long assed hellish work day so far. The new PBX isn’t linked correctly, it has to be set up in a loop. Who knew? So now there are several lines that aren’t working out on the floor and we are having to wait until tonight to get that fixed.
Besides it being busy today, it was crazy this morning. I went to my parents house to do some laundry, well, I wanted to get them done, but the washing machine had a different agenda. Put mostly work clothes in there, and it washes, but the cycles stoped, and it wouldn’t drain the water that had filled to the top of the machine. Great, so now my clothes that I was going to wear to work are floating in soapy water with no hope of getting dry anytime soon. A clothes hanger, screwdriver, hammer, and 20 minutes later I got the cycles to start again. Only to have to stand over the washer the entire time it drained and spun.
Im hungry.


Well, damn. That is all, just damn. My internet has been out for almost a day and I was just able to connect through charters proxy. Thank god I still have cable. I know that Lisa has gone back to the dial up, but I just couldn’t stand doing that. So here I am, on my cable modem, with my 1.5Mbps connection again! Haha, I can not be stopped!

Only 3 Days and 14 hours Remaining!

Yes, I have opted to be the cheapest person in the world today by NOT buying Linux for my old computer, instead I am downloading Caldera Linux from an FTP server. I seriously doubt it will take that long. I bet it is just saying that because it is accessing a new directory, that always slows things down a whole lot. I am expecting this download to be done by tomorrow morning.

I have to fix my car tomorrow morning. I got my cylinder heads refinished the other day. It cost me $90. Muchos cheaper than what I thought I was going to have to pay ($180). It is times like these that I hate working. I have to work on the most notorious of days when it comes to football. Alabama vs Auburn. aka The Iron Bowl. They don’t play in Birmingham anymore, I wonder why they still call in the Iron Bowl?

I must have been right about the directory hunch. It is saying 2 Days and 16 hours Remaining now! Cool. I will have a new Linux Box in a couple of days.